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Buyback Dream Easy

The Dream Easy Program with an added bonus

Buyback Dream Easy Program

Buyback, the Dream Easy Program with an added Bonus.
At the end of the Dream Easy Buyback contract you can choose to keep the boat or request the 10% Buyback or sell her via our Global Brokerage Network.
Dream easy with buyback option
-No financing to put in place.
-Marina Berth at zero cost for duration of contract.
-Zero Operating Expenses (no insurance, no maintenance, no repairs).
-10% buyback option if you decide not to keep the boat at the end.
-Up to 8 weeks sailing per year.
-Access to 45+ of our bases Worldwide.
Duration of Program 60 to 66 months.

Owning a sailing yacht in a Dream Yacht Charter managed fleet is the most cost effective way to own the sailboat of your dreams without the expense and challenges of traditional ownership. You enjoy extensive use of your own sailboat, or a sister yacht at one of our exquisite sailing destinations around the world.
When you arrive for a vacation getaway, you will find the yacht impeccably maintained and ready to set sail.
Through our management programs, Dream Yacht Charter is committed to meeting the needs of both our owners and charter guests.
The Dream Easy Buyback Program is ostensibly designed for Monohulls however we have some Catamarans available in the Program
-Contact us for details of the costs and locations of the vessels.sales@dysales.com.au
Bali Catamarans
Bali 4.0 Cuba, Bali 4.3 Langkawi, Seychelles, Bali 4.5 Cuba, Greece x 2, Seychelles
Lagoon Catamarans
Lagoon 380 Seychelles, Lagoon 52 Seychelles x 2, Lagoon 52 Grenada x 2
Bavaria 37 (Croatia and Greece x3), Bavaria 46 (Croatia x 2, Greece x 2), DuFour 350 Croatia x 4, DuFour 382 Croatia x 2, DuFour 460 Antigua, Corsica, Cote d’Azur x 2, Corsica, Sardinia, DuFour 512 Sardinia, Oceanis 38.1 Sicily, Croatia, Oceanis 45 Croatia x 2, Greece, Sun Odyssey 419, Croatia, Sun Odyssey 449 Palma, Croatia, Sicily, Sun Odyssey 479, Sardinia, Sicily, Sun Odyssey 519, Marseille, Sardinia, Sicily.

Own one of these luxury yachts with only 35 percent down and a balloon payment of 25 percent at the end of the 5-year term.
There is no expense to the owner and worldwide reciprocal owner use is available.
Dream Yacht Charter retains title to the yacht until payment is received at the end of five years.
Owner’s Benefits – As a Dream Yacht Charter Owner you receive the following benefits:
Sailing Time – You enjoy up to 8 weeks of sailing each year on your yacht or a sister ship at any of our exotic destinations worldwide.
Revenue – There is no income for the owner in this program.
Zero Operating Expenses – As a Dream Yacht Charter owner you pay no operating expenses.
We take care of everything, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more.
It truly is worry-free yacht ownership. The only expense to buyers is the mortgage, which is covered by the guaranteed payment.
Professional Maintenance & Phase-out – Your yacht will be maintained to the most rigorous industry standards at no cost to you.
Our team of professionals in accordance with precise guidelines will perform all work.
Financing – This program allows a buyer to purchase a boat using Dream Yacht Charter financing options. There is no need to apply for a conventional mortgage.
Duration – The program covers 66 months depending on the location of the yacht.
Brokerage Support – At the end of the program you may keep your yacht or choose to sell it.
We have brokerage offices around the world that will assist in marketing your yacht for resale to assure a seamless transition.
Brands of Yachts and Customization – Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon.
Minimal customization, these boats are ordered factory-direct in volume and must have optimum charter configuration.
Call us on 0408 560 429 0r 0457 036 756 to discuss the Dream Yacht Buyback option that will work for you.