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Forward sale program

Up to 6 weeks of sailing split between high and low seasons

Owner benefits

As a Dream Yacht Charter and Sales Forward Sales Program yacht owner, you receive these benefits:

Sailing time

Owners may use the vessel for up to 6 weeks of sailing split between high and low seasons through the worldwide reciprocal owner use agreement.


Owners are guaranteed an income of 3% per year on their 50% buyer’s down payment.

Zero operating expenses

As an owner, you have no out-of-pocket expenses for the duration of the agreement (All maintenance, insurance, dockage, etc., is paid by Dream Yacht Charter and Sales.).

Professional maintenance and phase-out

our yacht’s maintenance will meet the most rigorous industry standards at no cost to you. Our team of professionals, in accordance with precise guidelines, will perform all work.


No financing is required.


The agreement covers 84 months in a French territory or jurisdiction.

Brokerage support

At the end of the agreement, you may keep your yacht or choose to sell it. We have brokerage offices around the world that will assist in marketing your yacht for resale to assure a seamless transition.

Yacht brands and customization

Beneteau, Catana, Jeanneau, and Lagoon are the only manufacturers for this program. No customization is available for these yachts.

The Forward Sale Program exists through a French tax incentive.

The program lasts for 84 months. There is a 50% down payment with a 3% yearly revenue. This program applies to the purchase of a brand new Beneteau, Catana, Jeanneau, Lagoon or Bali. Under this program, owners may enjoy up to 6 weeks of sailing per year at no expense and yet still earn 3% revenue per year.. The yacht must be operated for 7 years in a French territory such as Martinique, Guadeloupe or Tahiti. There is no early exit possible.

Forward sale program

Program features

Reciprocal use Owner use Revenue Operating costs Professional maintenance
Yes – worldwide Up to 6 weeks1 3% None Yes and phase-out


Financing Duration Down Payment Brokerage support Yacht brands3 Construction
No2 84 months4 50% Yes Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Cantana No customizing

1) Sailing time: Number of weeks of owner use. 2) For qualified buyers, some restrictions may apply. 3) All yachts must have maximum cabin configurations. 4) Yacht must be operated in a French territory such as Martinique, Guadeloupe or Tahiti for 7 years.f

Boats available with this program

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If you would like to discuss the Forward Sales Program please contact our sales team.