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Lagoon catamarans

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Lagoon is part of CNB, a division of the Beneteau Group, the world leader in pleasure sailing craft construction. CNB offers a full and well-structured range of cruising catamarans designed by naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) who have notched up an incomparable record of victories in multihull events. One of their most recent designs was the famous trimaran Oracle, winner of the 2010 America’s Cup.

The key strengths of the Lagoon brand are its guiding principles: good design, high-quality construction and better-than-average performance.

Unrivalled experience enables them to transfer the fruit of their research to cruising catamarans in a number of areas:


Loading capacity – for successful cruising you have to be able to take along everything you need without overloading the boat. An unladen Lagoon catamaran always floats well above its waterline and the hulls are designed to be just as efficient when the boat is fully laden with water and diesel, food, sailing gear and the personal belongings of the crew. Enjoy unparalleled performance and comfort.

Anti-drifting efficiency – performance: A fin is not only longer and cuts through the water more cleanly, its volume also adds a significant amount of buoyancy to the design and this allows the architect to draw finer lines without affecting displacement.

Grounding – safety: In the case of a Lagoon catamaran the keels are totally isolated from the hull so if one gets damaged, the yacht will not sink.

Draft – efficiency: The draft of a catamaran is determined by the depth of its rudders so neither version (centreboard or fixed fin) can sail any closer to the beach. On the other hand, unlike a centre boarder, fin keels allow you to sail upwind in shallow waters.

Hull shapes

The symmetrical hulls of Lagoon catamarans cut cleanly through the water to ensure an identical flow rate on either side. Today, VPLP is the benchmark in hull design thanks to the experience gained from being the dominant force in multihull racing for more than 30 years.

Lagoon bridge decks are high above the water to guarantee comfort at sea with less slamming and less noise. Safety is also improved because less stress on the composite structure means greater strength. Another exclusive Lagoon innovation is the gull-wing bridge deck.


The stresses on the rigging of a cruising catamaran are much greater than those experienced by a monohull vessel because it does not heel to port or starboard, thus the rigging and sails do not benefit from a “shock-absorbing” effect. That’s why Lagoon calls upon the top specialists in the field (Z Spar, Sparcraft, Selden…) to provide the most reliable and efficient equipment available.

Why choose a Lagoon catamaran?


The infusion-moulding technique enables us not only to optimize the proportion of resin in the fibreglass (comparable to the pre-impregnated technique), but also to improve the bonding properties of the composite. The isolation of each balsa square by mechanical ties between the inner and outer skins improves the quality and reliability of the structure, and saves weight too. The systematic use of a very high-quality anti-osmotic resin ensures durability for all Lagoon catamarans.


The furniture and interior fittings are designed by engineers working in the Lagoon design office. Advanced CAD software enables our skilled craftsmen to assess new design features in real time. Thus each item of equipment, each piece of furniture is easily installed because the constraints relating to the boat’s complex architecture were resolved in the design stage. In the interests of sustainable development, all partitions and furniture panels on Lagoon catamarans are made using Alpi® reconstituted wood.

Mechanical components

Lagoon catamarans under 50′ are fitted with sail-drive transmissions installed behind the rudder to optimize propellers efficiency and to simplify handling under power. This means that the engine compartments are located as far as possible from the living quarters but remain perfectly accessible. They are insulated with high-density foam and foam-lined false floors.


Lagoon takes particular care when installing pipework for the fresh and seawater systems and grey and black water systems. Here again, the 3D design software used by Lagoon’s design office allows for the perfect integration of the circuits within the general layout of the boat.

On-board energy supply

Electrical circuits are one of the most vital aspects of a modern cruising vessel. Lagoon has made every effort to design electrical circuits that combine quality, reliability, ease of access and maintenance, lightness and safety.

Safety is a major consideration so the electrical systems on Lagoon catamarans are installed in strict compliance with CE standards, and even exceed them in certain respects. The quality of the cables, the way in which they are laid and ducted, their systematic coding, and the ease of access to distribution panels are all factors that Lagoon takes into account when fitting electrical systems to ensure the highest possible standard.

For health and safety reasons the conservation of foodstuffs is essential. Lagoon has therefore studied the question of on-board cold storage very carefully. No cruise would be enjoyable without an efficient refrigeration system.

Deck gear and rigging

Experience acquired in racing has enabled Lagoon to choose nothing but the best deck gear and rigging: Harken, Lewmar, Z Spars, Sparcraft, Selden, Incidences, etc.

The stresses on the rig of a catamaran are about ten times those of a monohull. This explains why we take so much care in selecting high quality equipment.

The deck plan design, choice of materials and calculation of stresses is a demanding job that is undertaken jointly by our architects, our suppliers and the Lagoon design office. Each item is subject to repeated and rigorous testing to ensure that we select the most reliable, efficient and durable equipment.

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