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Dream Yacht Charter Sabbatical

Have you ever dreamed of taking off for a year?

Dream Yacht Charter Sabbatical

Dream Yacht Sabbatical Charter

Dream Yacht Charter Launches Dream Yacht Sabbatical, Premium Long-Term Yacht Charter Offer

Do you dream about immersing yourself in a destination with a long-term voyage but feel the cost and complexity makes it impossible? Meet Dream Yacht Sabbatical, which has simplified the experience with hassle-free long-term charters for potential adventurers. Make the most of downtime between jobs or family time and stay longer to develop foreign language skills, problem-solving, learn more about local culture and cuisine, all of which boost your CV and fun for all the family.

Dream Yacht Sabbatical has been designed by expert and passionate bluewater sailing enthusiasts who understand the importance of realistic pricing and availability. Our sabbatical fleet has well maintained and fully equipped cruising yachts for long-term and transoceanic charters of up to 12 months.

Worry-free sailing
Choose from different yacht models and sizes across the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific and Asia, or make an Atlantic crossing. Your safety is our priority and our fleet meets offshore safety standards. We pride ourselves on the world-class, dedicated support you’ll receive, including:

Pre-voyage training, planning and preparations
Bluewater skipper support during the voyage’s initial weeks
Virtual coaching
Maintenance support at our +50 bases worldwide
Sail the world for longer with Dream Yacht Sabbatical

Dream Yacht Charter, the world’s leading yacht charter company, continues its strategy of diversifying its services in 2019 by introducing Dream Yacht Sabbatical. Launched at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, the program allows for the turnkey organization of long-term yacht charters, ranging from one month to one year, while offering exceptional voyages.
Following the successful launch of Dream Boat Club in 2018, which positioned the group in the boat day rental sector, Dream Yacht Charter is structuring its long-term offer to respond to a growing social phenomenon: the rising demand and desire for sabbaticals.
Long-term rental via Dream Yacht Sabbatical has many advantages compared to yacht ownership, such as not needing to raise capital or manage expenses, insurance and maintenance. Sabbatical charters mean you can focus on the trip rather than all the details and possible technical, financial and logistical problems involved in purchasing a yacht. A secure “turnkey” solution Dream Yacht Sabbatical also provides customers with a tailor-made package of support and assistance throughout their voyage. A dedicated team supports trip preparation and plans the various stages of navigation to stick close to the client’s plans. The yacht is kitted out with equipment suitable for long journeys, meets offshore safety requirements and crew are trained to carry out maintenance. They also benefit from expert coaching throughout the trip and the support of DYC teams located in more than 50 bases worldwide.
The launch offers five destinations, fully customizable, including the Mediterranean, a transatlantic crossing, the Caribbean, the South Pacific zone and Asia.
In addition to the Dream Yacht Sabbatical fleet, there is a partnership with French manufacturer, Outremer, a specialist in catamarans dedicated to long cruises and known for their superior build and sea-keeping qualities.
“These long-term voyages now attract executives or entrepreneurs, who wish to pause their career and fulfil their dreams of a world tour or a long-distance boat trip, without necessarily making heavy investments.

Once they have departed shore, they become the only masters on board, which is why we offer solid support. When you are in blue water, it is important and reassuring to be able to count on someone to be on hand to help, ” comments Loïc Bonnet, CEO of Dream Yacht Charter. Urs Rothacher, who leads Dream Yacht Sabbatical, began sailing when he was 10 and has raced dinghies, skiffs and multihulls ever since. When he was a teenager, he found books by Bobby Schenk, the German sailing writer, lecturer and blue water expert, while collecting local recycling. Reading the books inspired him to take a sailing sabbatical to Polynesia some 30 years later.
Urs says: ” Between jobs, or before I started a new venture, I could always take a break and make a longer trip. I’ve made three sabbaticals so far and the last two were on our own boat. I could see the lack of supply on the market and this project is built to tailor the details to the individuals while ensuring the safety of the trip. I am excited to work with Loïc to meet a growing demand. Taking a sailing sabbatical is the perfect activity to do between jobs and it’s also great for families. It helps you work together as a team.”
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