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When Philippe Guenat and naval architect Dr Albert Nazarov created the Heliotrope catamaran concept, the ideas of space, pace, and grace guided the entire design philosophy. From this deceptively simple framework emerged a range of refined sail and power catamarans that unite advanced construction techniques, high quality, and contemporary lines. This emphasis on just three words has delivered a truly defining moment in yacht design and construction.

Inspired by pleasurable sailing voyages beneath the warm tropical sun, we called our new range ‘Heliotrope’, an Ancient Greek word that means ‘dedicated to the sun.’ We follow this ethos with our expansive decks and unrestricted views, which provide a place to watch the setting sun sink into the copper sea.

Why choose a Heliotrope?


Unlike many high-performance catamarans, which sacrifice comfort for speed, the Heliotrope range is renowned for its adept use of space. Every catamaran incorporates our huge signature flybridge, which is larger than for any comparative category of yacht. Alongside generous cabins and a spacious galley, we provide plenty of deck space without compromising performance. Finally, for additional security, Heliotrope catamarans sit high in the water, offering all-round visibility and safe maneuvering.


Alongside the superior performance and open space, every model is a statement of our artistry, featuring a sweeping, contemporary feel. Heliotrope catamarans are customizable, so you can find a sleek sailing catamaran or a high-performance powercat that suits your unique tastes.


Heliotrope catamarans incorporate fast displacement hulls, which deliver effortless speed, high maneuverability, and excellent fuel economy. The advanced vacuum infusion hull construction technique reduces weight without compromising strength. This makes handling easy whether gently sailing the oceans or ramping up the power.

With our focus on traditional crafts and high quality materials, choosing a Heliotrope will give you an exquisite catamaran that will serve you for many rewarding years.

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